Our Commitment to Providers and Patients

In response to the challenges the health systems are facing, Amelia Health Partners is focused on providing product solutions to help address six targeted areas listed below.   

Improve Patient Outcomes

In efforts to implement the value-based care, health systems must transition from the current fee-for-service model to the value-based and patient-center focused care which require the outcomes data and insights, leading to driving values to both patient and health systems.

Improve Safety

U.S. hospitals recorded over 250,000 work-related injuries and illnesses, a rate of 6.8 work-related injuries and illnesses for every 100 full-time employees. This rate is almost twice the rate for private industry.

Reduce HAI

According to the World Health Organization, hundreds of millions of patients are affected by health care associated infections worldwide each year, leading to significant mortality and financial losses for health systems.  Of every 100 hospitalized patients at any given time, 7 in developed and 10 in developing countries will acquire at least one health care associated infection. 

Reduce Hospital Readmission

Hospital readmissions are associated with unfavorable patient outcomes and high financial costs. Historically, nearly 20% of all Medicare discharges had a readmission within 30 days. Under the Affordable Care Act (ACA) hospitals are financially penalized if they have higher than expected risk-standardized 30-day readmission rates.

Reduce Cost

The ACA had three primary goals: increasing the number of the insured, improving the quality of care, and reducing the costs of health care.  Health care expenditures reached annual spending of $3.35 trillion, or 18.1% of gross domestic product (GDP) in 2016. Based on projections, it is expected that health care expenditures will reach over $4.6 trillion with 19.8% of GDP by 2025.

Improve Clinician Efficiency

It is estimated that 56% of health care cost are related to health care workers, and health care is highly labor-intensive to deliver in the U.S.  Federal and state policymakers and health care systems are seeking ways to reduce waste, increase the efficiency of healthcare delivery and allocate the resources in order to improve value in health care.  

Innovative Product Concept Under Development

Patient-centered advanced wound care device with the intelligent sensor technology designed to accelerate wound healing, reduce unnecessary dressing changes, and wound assessment insights. 


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