We research innovative medical technologies for healthcare field and 
determine how those technologies can be developed and improved upon


Our pioneer approach to develop
innovative technologies 
transcends our creative ideas, 
passion, and vision to provide 
structure for healthcare 
professionals and their patients.  
We work with healthcare professionals with innovative technologies that will improve safety, reduce costs, and improve patient outcome

I had a great idea how
to make a better product
solutions but had no clue
how to realize my dream!
I at least had the sense
to find someone that
could help me
navigate the


We develop, design, and engineer medical technologies that will improve 
and effectiveness for customers we serve. We strive to improve patient 
outcome, increase clinical staff efficiencies and reduce overall healthcare costs

Having a team of dedicated 
experts helped me 
manage each stage of the 
product life cycle effectively
and ensured my product met 
all regulatory and 
quality management 


Amelia Health Partners offers full 
product life cycle development from 
concept to commercialization. Our 
team has extensive expertise with 
durable medical equipment and 
Class 2 medical devices that can 
design systems for functionality but 
also for commercial viability. We 
work together with you as a team to 
develop your idea with the goal of 
bringing a viable product to market


We invest human, financial, and intellectual capital in our strategic partners
in the medical technologies field and help bring them into the marketplace


Our approach is to help you refine your product idea from concept to prototypes and then get it approved by regulatory agencies so that it will be ready for distribution. We test market the product in focused target areas for customer validation. 


  Our Mission  

We research, develop, and invest in innovative medical technologies that enhance patient care and improve the quality of life.​

"...I will bring health and healing...I will heal my people and will let them enjoy abundant peace and security." ~ Jeremiah 33:6

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