Bringing the Idea to Life (Part 3/3)

Updated: Feb 26, 2019

Lack of Resources

Another barrier many would be innovators throw in front of themselves is a lack a resources. They will tell you they don’t have the money, or expertise, or time to work on this. Sometimes they will shelve their idea and think, “Not today, but someday.” I will tell you right now, that day often never comes.

The world is full of resource constraints. Innovators find ways around them. You are probably right. You don’t have all the money you need to bring an idea to market. You might not have all the expertise to sketch, prototype, and manufacture your new product idea. Certainly one person, especially one with a day job, won’t have a lot of time to bring an innovation to life. The solution is simple: Get help. There are experts in every field that you could draw on to move your innovation forward. Sometimes these people won’t be in your own network. The good news is that there are organizations out there that specialize in helping bring new product innovations to life. By leveraging a group of industry experts that have successfully navigated an idea to fully realized product you’ll greatly improve your chances of success. There are resources available to you. Make sure you leverage them as a multiplier for your success.

Fear of Failure

One of the biggest hurdles to getting started is that nagging feeling everyone who has ever done anything great has had, “What if I fail?” What will your friends, family and peers think of you if you spend all this time and effort on something and it goes nowhere? I can tell you from personal experience, the people that matter will support you no matter what the outcome. More importantly, you will learn a lot just by trying. Going through the process of bringing an idea to life will challenge you to think through some tough problems. There are the product challenges themselves, the human element of your product’s users, and market dynamics. Exercising these problem solving muscles will help grow your skills in several areas. Of course with the right help you’ll accelerate your learning and lessen your chance of failure.

Get Started

You have an idea. Time to get to work and make it a reality. The process of bringing a product to market can be addictive and you’ll never quite see the products you use everyday quite the same. Regardless of the outcome, the journey is it’s own reward. Don’t let the next great innovation live only in your head.

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