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We are looking for qualified wound healthcare professionals that would be willing to share their practical experience and opinions on new product technology in a focus group style format.


Amelia Health Partners is a medical device company focused on developing and improving the delivery of healthcare. We work with healthcare professionals and patients to develop novel solutions to improve safety, improve patient outcomes, reduce cost, reduce hospital readmission, reduce HAI, and improve clinical efficiency. At Amelia, we believe in exploring user-centered medical device technologies and durable medical equipment to address the challenges faced by healthcare professionals and patients.

If this sounds like you, we would like to talk to you and see if you can join our team. We realize your time is valuable and we will compensate you for your time.


The clinical advisory board members are responsible for providing expert clinical guidance and collaborate with the company in developing cutting-edge medical device technologies that encompass the latest innovations and research.   Board members will serve as a consultant and provide clinical feedback and inputs on new and existing products. Clinical advisory board members will meet quarterly with company representatives for about 2 to 3 hours.  On occasion, board members will be requested to assist in the clinical evaluation of new or existing products for regulatory submission to US FDA and ISO notified body.


 •  WOC Certified Nurse


 •  Bachelor’s degree in nursing or a master’s

      degree in nursing required


   At least five years of experience in hospital-

     based wound care, acute, and chronic cares.

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